IGDTP - Geodisposal 2014
Manchester, UK, 24th – 26th June

Welcome to IGDTP-Geodisposal 2014

The ‘Implementing Geological Disposal – Technology Platform (IGD-TP)’ consists of a group of radioactive waste-management organisations from several European countries. This international conference is a new forum for researchers in this area to present their work.
The inaugural IGDTP-Geodisposal conference will take place from24th - 26th June 2014 at the Renold Building, The University of Manchester, UK. The University is the birthplace of many great nuclear scientific discoveriesDalton .
IGD-TP Geodisposal 2014 will showcase Geodisposal Science from across the EU and beyond and share best practice in geological disposal research and implementation.

Conference Sessions will cover:

  • Developing programmes for geological disposal - experience and lessons from advanced and less advanced programmes
  • Disposal concept, design and technology development
  • Radionuclide and gas behaviour
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Natural systems including biogeochemistry, biosphere and geosphere
  • Safety Case
  • Engineered barriers, wasteforms and criticality
  • Siting
  • Societal aspects
  • Future IGDTP activities, Horizon 2020, involving newer member states
* where appropriate abstracts should be aligned to research topics in the IGD-TP Strategic Research Agenda
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